Thursday, 19 March 2009

Timbre @ Old School: Trip in Time

Looming overhead, six flights and more than a hundred. Step by step we conquered her, breaths and pants growing increasingly heavy as we slowly but surely made our way to the top. Tiny lights streamed from the roads below, as nothing but the music of crickets beckoned us to proceed down the winding path.

Stairway from Heaven

Up the quiet road and along the refurbished hallways we walked, trying to superimpose the pieces of the past onto the structures of the present; trying to give the function that was to the form that stood before us. "Classrooms perhaps, or maybe the school hall?" we wondered, as we spiralled up the curving pathway, following the sound of music.

UphillRoad Way

Old School

The heart of the music was buried under the noise of the crowd that were relishing the joys of a Friday night. High stools and bar-top seats loomed over the rustic cane and rattan furnishes of the lower tables. I tried to pierce my gaze through the threads of time to reimagine our venue in a time that was past, seeing only a blurry vision of what looked like an open carpark, or maybe an old canteen.


DarknessTwo Thumbs

Cold and smooth it flushed down my throat, I squeezed my inner cheeks to bring out the last hints of the bitter-aftertaste that was left in my mouth. My recent appreciation had me wondering if the years were indeed catching up with my taste. The sweetness of her's stang through my tongue in a sharp contrast. She pointed out the starriness of the night; I pointed out Orion, thinking of the last time that we gazed.

ErdingerLychee Martini

Mr. Martini

Stirred and Shaken

A craving satisfied as I bit into the red and orange layer atop the thin crust. The saltiness of the Pepperoni and the chewiness of the Cheese had me longing for another squarish-piece immediately after I had finished my first. Slice-by-slice it disappeared, exposing the wooden pan below in its entirety when it was done. Contemplating over the crumbs, we decided to take it from the top all over again.

Red and RoundPizza Mania

Pepporoni Pizza

Pepperoni and Cheese

Familiar faces took to the stage as I watched on, laughing to her about the coincidence that had transpired. Doubt remained on her face until the moment that he belted out his first line, allowing her to remember the tone and the mannerism. "I told you so," I said, as the acoustic sounds strummed on. We both laughed in unison, reliving the moments of Christmas Eve.

Acoustic (Round) TripPerspective
Acoustic (Round)Trip

Madness dawned on us again, but this time in the form of Schizophernia, split down the middle between Mexican and Cajun. Onions and Tortilla chips littered the left half, while Spicy Cajun Chicken composed the right half. "The first cut is the deepest" they say, and indeed it was; as the second round left us with filling more full than fun.



The music played on with the passing of the night, as I waited for those unspoken words. The lights had dimmed and the music had died, but the words she wrote never came to life. Convinced that her song could not be sung through the lips of her muse, we rose from our seats, walking off into the night.

Back in BlackChubby

The flash went off, as she receded her smile, running back towards me. The Red Man's posture pointed us towards the direction that we needed to go. The question hanged on the tip of my tongue, as my mind still pondered about those words. She ran up to me, and grasped my hand, sealing my lips as well. We walked with nothing but the music of the crickets, back to the start of it all.

Red between the Legs

Red and Round

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

You want a (Bigger) Piece of Me?

Starting in March 2009, which in this month, I will be putting more effort into updating my OTHER blog as well as continuing to write about my life and the bizarre happenings of it on this one, and of course, more cryptic narratives that no one can really figure what the hell its all about.

As those who have seen the OTHER blog by now will know that that is more of my portfolio and game-related blog. The biggest change is that I've started a new section, "Game Analysis" where I talk about and discuss games that I've played and some of the points in these games. I will also try to discuss more reads and the industry in general.

So, if you are interested in game design, my thoughts on games, or just games in general, feel free to head over to "the other side" to get double the dosage out of my writing. My goal is to try to update both blogs once every fortnight at least.

But as those of you who have been here for a while, will probably know of my irregularity when it comes to updates, so well....

Anyway, and now is the part for SHAMELESS pimping and advertising....

New Post up at:

People have been telling me to think of a catchier name for that blog, but I'm deeply rooted in my dark ideas and can't think of something better. Anyone has any better ideas feel free to run them by me.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Know Thy Maker(s) has just very recently finished their run on the a list of the Top 100 Game Creators, which is basically a who's who in the world of videogames over the last 4 decades or so, spanning 7 console generations.

This is especially note-worthy in my opinion, simply because the heroes in the game industry go relatively unsung of in mass media as compared to the giants of the other media industries, like the movie industry for example.

Needless to say, rather obvious choices like Hideo Kojima, Peter Molyneux, Shinji Mikami and company made the list, but it was refreshing to see some of the forefathers of the industry getting props too.

All-in-all, I would say that its a rather fair list, give or take a few debatable positions, but still... No prizes for guessing who made the top of the list though, it was a far too obvious choice.

Hit the link if you're even remotely interested about finding out the people behind your favorite games.