Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I remember the Skyline, I remember the Night,
I remember Holding those Hands, in the Silent Candlelight.
We thought it would be for a Moment, but the Magic endured Years.
We shared Happiness and Heartaches, both - Sorrow, Joy and Tears.
There was a time the Stars danced for us; those were the times for Wishes.
There was a time of Romance; those times of Silence and of Kisses.
The wishes were Make-believe, but the Joy was nonetheless Real.
It didn’t seem to matter then, for that Moment in Time, was Sealed.

I remember the White of snow, on that winter’s Christmas night.
I remember your curious Radiance, your Youthfulness, and your Light.
For those were the Traits that drew me in; and those traits kept me Sound;
A Strength my Soul drew blindly from, when I was a King without a Crown.
There was a time for Candlelight Wishes; those were the times of Song.
There was a time for Goodbyes, Bidding yet Knowing – ‘not before long’.
With Music comes Memories, Words bound with meaning to their Scenes;
Those Deeds would live on forever - in Time or in Thought, in Life or in Dreams.

I’ll remember your Growth; and I’ll remember your Strength.
I’ll remember my Presence that once touched you - to however an Extent
There was a time for Us; perhaps, those are now times of Old.
There was a time of You and Me; perhaps, that is now just a story to be Told.
So here we are at the Crossroads, Two Lives with Little left to Share.
I thought my hands could hold a Lifetime; I felt my Heart had strength to bear.
I remember your Beauty - your Soul, your Smile, your Heart.
I remember, I remember; but soon, I have to Forget.


Anonymous said...

This is such a sad post ):


I'm surprised that you actually found this... I didn't think maybe ppl would really know that I would still update this site.

But yeah... When I get emotional or sentimental, I'm more inclined to write poetry... So yeah...

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. ish. It always seems that sadness/being emotional people in general write "better". Of course I check this place out from time to time, anticipated a post after seeing what happened on facebook. Are you okay? ):